32 pc pencil erasers

This is a great item for girls, boys and teachers alike. These are pencil erasers in mini shapes of food and animals. The ones that have parts to them actually are made up of different erasers. Like the carrot. The little top comes off. And the hamburger has several pieces to it. It would be a great “happy” or reward for teachers to hand out or just for kids to use and play with. In my video….. https://youtu.be/Q2ZVoQMVS2U I show how cute they are in individual packages and that they are real erasers. I knew my daughter would love them and she claimed them as her own as soon as the video was made and pics were taken. These can be bought off Amazon from The Esee Group. Here is a link to the actual product to get your own. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P5RXJ9Q

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