Achoro 7 in 1 Charging Station for Switch

I have found the perfect gift for friends and family that love to play with Switch.

This is a multi functional Charging dock. This magnetic charging station is compatable with and will charge both types of Switch controllers, Joy-Con Controllers and Pro Controllers and other devices that can be plugged into a USB port.

It is pretty easy to install. It comes with the charging station, cable and instructiond. It uses the Plug and Play Function. Plug it in to any USB plug and go, basically.

We used a Nintindo Switch. There are magnetic pieces that attach to the Switch controllers. Then the controller is put in the charging station. The magnetic piece you put on the controller, will guide the controller to the exact placement needed in charger. Simple.

While you are charging your Controllers, and your phone is going to die , you can charge it at the same time. It has an extra USB port on the side for your phone or even another switch.

It can charge 2 Pro Controllers at one time, or 4 of the Joy-Con co strollers, and of course the USB port.

You can get yours here: and they offer a money back guarantee.

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