Auttumy Phone Running Armband

Here is a different type of Phone armband. After a phone is put into the armband, it can be rotated 180 degrees. Whether it is for accessibility or comfort. The phone band is adjustable and can be worn on a wrist or arm up to 16 inches. It can be charged without any problem as well as earphones without anything getting in the way. Plus it adjust to most sizes of Phone from 4inch to 7.9 inch.

Strong elastic band material hold the phone at the corners and it fits snuggly and will stay on without effort. There’s no need to worry about falls, slippage or breakage.

It is perfect for any type exercising, including running, biking or gym time. It’s out of the way and you can still use your headphones to talk or to listen to music. Nothing is in tne way of the screen either. So you can still search the web and make phone calls.

This company offers a 100% money back guarantee to insure a risk free purchase. Plus it does come in assorted colors if black is too plain.

You can find yours here..

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