Big Water Bottle

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This water bottle from Amazon seller Wetry comes in different sizes and colors. I chose the 2.2L Pink bottle. I figured it would stand out and shouldn’t get confused with someone else’s water bottle. I would hate for rhis to come up missing.

It is a big leak pr

It is a big water bottle. Huge, even. It is leak proof and sturdy. And it is perfect for taking to the gym, park, or anywhere you need to keep hydrated. It is easy to handle and carry because it has a durable loop you can fit on your hand, and it has a wide mouth so you can add ice in it without having to break the ice up first. That in itself is a great idea. And the cap has a cap on it. Open the first cap to drink, untwist the drinking cap to add water and ice.

The big Pink water bottle has a handle that is big and molded for a tight grip and has marks molded into the design to help you keep track of water cosumption. This helps especially to meet water consumption goals.

Just over 1/2 gallon, this water bottle is perfect to take to the gym, work, party or play.. However you choose to carry it, it is a great asset to your workout.

Sold by Wetry, you can find yours here:

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