Desktop Pocket Chart

I found a great product for you to see. This is a 2 sided tabletop desktop pocket chart that measures 13″×12″. It is double sided and can be stood on a desk or table and then folded up for storage, or used flat as well. 20 dry erase cards (11″×2″) come with the chart and are stored in its own hidden pocket. Although it is designed as a teaching aid, I can see a whole lot of other uses for it. Adding and subtracting sentences, multiplication, and even English Lessons will fit perfectly on the 11 inch dry erase cards. Outside of classroom uses, it would be a great idea for chores, reminders, clothes matching lists, party ideas and even Honey Do lists. The corresponding card can be removed as a chore is finished. Perfect I think. Because the cards are dry erase, they can be reused over and over again. Because the aize is perfect for standard paper, you can also make your own cards and use it for recipes or reminders if you wanted. I can see using with separate ingredients wrote big enough to read across the room. I think its uses are unlimited and a great buy.

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