Forid 2.6 Gallon Garbage Bags

I am in love with these small garbage can liner/bags from Florid, on Amazon, fit the small bathroom waste baskets and the small garbage bins/cans. They are the 2.6 gallon trash bags. There are 150 bags in the box separated in 5 colors in 30 count rolls. You get pink, blue, neon green, purple and yellow. These rolls are super tight and has a small tab that can be reuses to keep them from unraveling and getting messy in the box. They are easy to store, too. I just love the colors. They are very bright and transparent.

The measurements of the garbage can liners are 15.7 inches x 20 inches. These have no fragrances. I love that part. I never have preferred the scented garbage liners. These liners are made of the pure HDPE material and are environmentally friendly. They fit perfectly in the small can I bought and they are the perfect size for what I need. They would be a perfect food scrap bag too.

The bags are perfect to use in the bathroom, kitchen, office, and even your car. I do like the small rolls that are easy to carry. The small bin liners are strong and can even be used to clean cat litter, a scrap bag in the kitchen or just everyday garbage. These are durable enough to store small blankets, books and clothes.

The bags are also tall enough to NOT droop inside the waste basket. That and no smell are my favorite details of these bags. You can buy yours here:

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