Jar OpeneR

Have I got a tool for you….. Kitchen tool that is… Are your hands tired?? Weak feeling some times?? Are you having a hard time opening jars? Do you have to use a butter knife to tap around a jar lid and under the lid to get it open? Well me too. But not anymore. I just got this wonderful jar opener off Amazon to try and review. And it is Amazing. Absolutely wonderful. You have got to see my YouTube video of just how easy it was for me to open an olive jar and pickle jar. Theres a social media page you can find the YouTube channel on. And Easy doesn’t come close. I wished I had this year’s ago.. I have tried other jar openers and they didnt help me. I have also tried those rubber strap jar openers that look like an oil filter wrench with a rubber handle. I could never get them to work., so I was skeptical about this particular Jar Opener. But…. I am so impressed. It adjusts in size to fit really small bottle lids to bigger than a fat pickle jar lids.. And they are super easy to use and open up jars. No knife needed here. These would make a great house warming gift or stocking stuffer. An Inexpensive tool you can add to a basket. Plus buy one for your parents, siblings, kids, etc. You will not believe how easy Jar Opening can be.

You can purchase your Jar Opener here… http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TZTLSX2

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