Mulwark 16pc Craft Knife Set

I have a gem for you today. This is a 16 piece craft knife set from Mulwark on

When I bought this, I did not realize it came with three handles instead of the one handle most sets come with.

The first handle is a steel pencil size handle that is an extremely comfortable fit. It just feels good in my hand. It has great control and has texture on the handles for non slip.

The second handle is the thicker steel handle that is basically the standard size most found with craft knives. It has the non slip grip texture on it as well, and weighted just right.

The third size is a lot thicker and is made from heavy duty rubber for long lasting use. It is contoured and fits the hand perfect. It is ergonomic and weighted just right to resist I juries. The handle feels good and is non slip. It will work for those harder cuts that need a good grip and a heavy hand. It is made tough for thick cuts too.

The blades are easy to insert into the handles.
Blade Securing Mechanism with Easy-Swap Feature makes it a quick change for blade swapping. Just slip it in and tighten. You can see the crosshairs inside the handle for easy use.

Now to the blades. They’re SK4 high carbon steel blades. For those thick cuts that takes a little strength, there is a nice box cutter blade. It is already inserted into the third blade I mentioned above. That blade and handle combination will make cutting carpet a breeze. The first and second handles also come with standard 45 degree (I believe) blades inserted as well. Then you have an additional 10 more blades to choose from. There are blades for multiple uses. You can chisel wood, cut plastic, paper, foam and cardboard. There are many uses. For any type cut you wish to make, the perfect blade and handle combination is at your fingertips. This set finds is perfect for both the professional industry and hobby projects. They work great in architecture, carpentry, art, jewelry making, graphic design, small wood craft, leather craft, home decoration, and modeling, etc.
These knives can cut or trim ABS, PVC or EVA foam block, balsa wood, fabric, paper (collages and sculptures), vinyl matting, felt, duct tape, contact paper, art tissue paper, cardstock, quark, cardboard, rubber (rubber stamps), clay, string and much more.

Now to the best part of this set…. the CASE… The case has a magnetic strip in the lid thad keeps the blades in place and the lid is molded to the shapes of the extra blades. There is never a question as to where a blade goes. The bottom of the case holds the 3 handles tight too.

I own about 5 craft blades, but I can never find them when i need them. With this set and case, I will never loose them again. You can find yours here:

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