Music Note Cross Necklace

I truly love this Music Note & Cross pendant and chain. This Necklace from Prjewel is Sterling Silver (.925) and comes in a nicely packaged gift box. I must say that this is a type necklace I would have given to my mom. She loved both Music and Crosses. So I think she would have liked it as a Mother’s Day gift or for her Birthday.

The Treble Clef has such a sleek look while the Cross has a “nugget” look. It is absolutely stunning elegant, especially for it’s low cost and gift boxed. I was alittle surprised how nice it is because it’s very affordable. Multiples could be purchased without breaking the bank. Give them to all the ladies in the Office, Church, Work, or family.

The Music Note Cross Necklace would make a beautiful gift to women and young ladies of all ages. It is a great gift idea for Sweet Sixteen, Birthday, Graduation, Wedding, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter and Just Because.

If you are looking for gifts for ladies who love music and their Faith, this is the item you need. No need to worry about gift wrapping either. It is already done for you. You can buy it on amazon…

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