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Bellofy 100 Page Sketch Book

This item, I bought for my artistic daughter. She loves to draw… I purchased this on Amazon for $11.99 and I am waiting for the rebate check of $10.79 that makes this 100 page Bellofy Sketch Book cost at $1.20. Yes, $1.20. I have more ordered and have already received over $37 back in rebates. […]

Special for you

Here’s a program I recently found. It’s called Rebate Key. Here is my referal link. Please check it out yourself…. Basically you pick out items from their list, that you want to purchase and there is a rebate amount included for it. Buy it, confirm the order id, and wait for the product to arrive […]

Bamfan Dry Skin Body Brush

This body brush has dual uses. As a shower brush, it’s able to help clean those hard to reach areas. But as a dry brush, it can be used to exfoliate the skin and dry brush for better circulation. The brush is a Bamfan firm bristle brush for massaging with a waterproof layer for quick […]

Keto BHB Max

Keto diets are all the rage right now. Why? Because it works. When your body goes into Ketosis, it is burning fat instead of carbs or sugar. To know for sure if you are actually in ketosis, you have to test your urine with a ketone strip for ketones. And sometimes it is hard to […]

Ultra Man Care

This one is for the guys. As men reach the age of 40 or so, their hair starts thinning and some start the horrible ritual of frequent nightly wakeups to go urinate. This causes bad sleeping habits and irritability. Plans made are interrupted by these same frequent bathroom breaks. Can’t enjoy movies or drives, without […]

Music Note Cross Necklace

I truly love this Music Note & Cross pendant and chain. This Necklace from Prjewel is Sterling Silver (.925) and comes in a nicely packaged gift box. I must say that this is a type necklace I would have given to my mom. She loved both Music and Crosses. So I think she would have […]

Bulk Envelopes Kraft brown and White

These are a great addtion to your office or stationary set. They measure about 5 1/4″x 71/4″ and are made from recycled specialty paper.. A 5×7 photo fits perfectly in it as well as handmade greeting cards. This set contains 100 of each of the natural Kraft brown and the white colors. They can be […]

SUMPRI Smores Caddy

The Sumpri Smores Caddy with Folding Trays is a must-have for summer camping trips. The caddy has a handle on the top for easy carrying as well as two folding trays on the inside. The top tray is the perfect size for your favorite chocolate bars and the second tray will hold 4 telescoping marshmellow […]

Desktop Pocket Chart

I found a great product for you to see. This is a 2 sided tabletop desktop pocket chart that measures 13″×12″. It is double sided and can be stood on a desk or table and then folded up for storage, or used flat as well. 20 dry erase cards (11″×2″) come with the chart and […]

32 pc pencil erasers

This is a great item for girls, boys and teachers alike. These are pencil erasers in mini shapes of food and animals. The ones that have parts to them actually are made up of different erasers. Like the carrot. The little top comes off. And the hamburger has several pieces to it. It would be […]

Foot Masks from BeaGirl

Here I have a pack of Foot Masks from BeaGirl. Here is the link to them at Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Exfoliating-Whitening-Peeling-Calluses-BeaGirl/dp/B07Q2L7QBY This is a 2 step system. The first foot mask is Provence Lavender Exfoliating Skin. You follow directions and keep it on your feet for 60 minutes and clean off. It takes 7 days for the […]

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