Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Armband + Extender

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The Red Star Tec AB 706 armband for phones is perfect for the Galaxy Note 3, Note 4, Note 4. Because phones are easy to drop, or heavy in your clothing or just bulky and in the way, an armband will help keep your phone secure and out of the way. This armband is a great addition to have for when you exercise, whether it be running, cycling, or just working out. Or grocery shopping when you don’t have pockets or a purse. Plus if you are on the heavy side, this armband includes extention straps, for the larger arm. And the neoprene fabric is soft and comfortable plus with the extension straps, you have small, medium or large size.

The way this armband works: the “phone case” part of the armband has an opening to put your phone inside. There is a thin protective plastic on the top side. Even while inside the “phone case”, the touch screen still works. So you don’t have to fumble to get it out. As seen in my You tube video, sound from the phone can still be heard also. You can play music and exercise without loosing the phone. It is secure and safe.

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