Sumpri Grill Brush and Scraper

Are you tired of time consuming cleanup after a cookout?
Are you tired of the cleaning process of your grill??
Then I have the tool for you.
This 18 inch stainless steel Grill brush is safe to use on porcelain, ceramic, iron, gas and charcoal grills.
The brushes are at the perfect spot and angle to brush away the grime from your grill rack.
In my video, I show how the brushes work on 2 different grills. The triple helix style brushes are lined up perfectly. They fall between the bars of the rack in the most perfect of spots to make grill cleaning easy and effortless.
Safe too. The 18 inch handle keeps your hands away from the heat while brushing the grill.
Plus the way it’s made, there is no worry of bristles falling out or sharp edges.
With 2 hand design, there is minimal effort needed with the perfect angle designed into this grill cleaner.
This would be a great gift for any BBQ lover.+ you can find yours here…

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