Are you tired of having your grilled fish fall thru the grill grate? How about your grilled cabbage and veggies??? Does having to flip burgers one at a time, get you down???? Sumpri to the rescue.

This is an amazing grilling tool that can cut your grilling time and aggravation. For burgers, you can grill up to 6 to 8 burgers and flip them all at one time with just a flip of the wrist. Now you can grill veggies or fish without loosing them in the coals and flip them with ease. No more trying to turn each piece of squash, one at a time. Mo mote rolling your hot dogs around for even heating. Love grilled cabbage? Me too!!

This grilling basket measures 12.6×8.6 inches. When closed, it has about a 3/4 – 1 inch thickness for what ever you are grilling. The basket is made from durable stainless steel and a detachable heat resistant handle. Plus it has a band that locks it closed, so you dont have to worry about your food flying everywhere when flipping.

As a bonus, you get a pair of premium heat resistant gloves. These are made out of aramid fabric that is a heavy duty synthetic known for its ability to withstand heat with repeated use, up to 932 degrees. These can be used with grilling, microwave, stovetop, etc., and is a great addition to have around a BBQ.

Sumpri offers a Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee. This would make a great a great gift for any BBQ enthusiast. You can find it here:

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