Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Bites

Zesty Paws has impressed me again. Here they have a product for dogs who suffer from allergies or digestive issues. Some dogs have dry itchy skin and hot spots. And then there’s nose, eyes, ears and si us allergies that dogs may suffer from. Hot spots are small sores that developed from bacteria found in moist areas on the skin.

These bites have Alaskin Salmon Oil, hemp protein, BioPerene and other natural ingredients to help prevent these issues as well as help them heal. There are all types of oils and natural immune support in the bites. And Omega 3 is a great ingredient to combat those skin issues.

Zesty Paws guarantee that their products contain exactly what their label states, plus a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. They stand behind their products.

As always, Zesty Paws has a dosage chart located on tbe package. You can get your Allergy and Immune bites here:

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