Zesty Paws Dental Sticks

Here’s a great choice of dental sticks for you canine furbabies. And it freshes their breath with a pepermient flavor. This really is helpful if your dog eats anything he can.

Other than clean g Tatar and plaque off their teeth, dental stick encourages over all health for your best buddy. These Zesty Paws Dental Sticks supply your canine with essential omega fatty acids, kelp, bone broth and more….. Even turmeric is in there. As most of you know., I am a big fan of toumeric. It is so very good for you.

The fatty acids will help your dog combat his dry, itchy skin and make his coat look more shiny. So, not only good breath, these dental sticks help with your dogs overall health. What else would you ask for…

You can buy yours here….http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KKKHTTF

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